Auburn to offer first FAA approved drone flight school

The nation's first{}FAA certified flight school for drones will be right here in Alabama.{} Starting next month, Auburn University will offer an unmanned aircraft systems flight school.Drones are growing in popularity. "We're talking about tens of billions of dollars in the next few years this industry is gonna grow into," said Bill Hutto the Airport and Aviation Center Director at Auburn University.The{}FAA offically calls drones "unmaned aircraft systems" and as more people and business want to use them the{}FAA has to figure out the rules and regulations for them. Auburn University will teach the first{}FAA{}approved unmanned aircraft system flight school. "It's really exciting to be on the front end of this," said Hutto.Hutto said the new class will teach some flying manuevers but it'll also have a big emphasis on what you legally can and can't do with an unmanned aircraft system. "They'll learn about the current regulatory environment and they'll also learn what it takes to get approval from the faa to fly commercially."Auburn student Phillip Settlemyer said he's been researching drones since high school and can't wait for the new class. "We're{}FAA approved so right off the bat you know hey they're talking to the right organization they're following the rules, they're going by the book, so we're gonna know what we're doing."Settlemyer said he's interested in pursuing a career involving unmaned aircraft so this class will take him in the right direction. "My main interest is photography and cinema photography, aerial photography and videos."But you don't have to be an auburn student to take the course, it's open to the general public, faculty, and students. If you are interested you can't register for the class yet but you can contact the Aviation Center at 334-844-1942 or
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