Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children opens to patients

    The new Benjamin Russell Hospital forChildren welcomed 134 new occupants Saturday. The twelve story, 750,000-square-footexpansion opened to patients today after three years of construction. While itwas an exciting day, moving hospitalized children is not easy. Some areseriously and critically ill or injured, so every detail of the move was carefullyplanned to ensure each patient was safe and comfortable.

    CEO Mike Warren pointedout the rooms have more space.

    "The real thing wewere trying to do was demonstrate with a facility is what family centered carereally meant. The rooms here are bigger, room enough for mom and dad to stay.There are also private rooms throughout the facility, so no more of this openward.{}{} You have the ability to have someprivacy for families as well."

    Children's of Alabama is now the thirdlargest children's hospital in the United States.

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