Demolition work for new Bessemer recreation center not yet complete

Two months ago, the City of Bessemer began demolition of the old Davis Middle School. It's the first step in the creation of a new recreation center and the remodeling of Roosevelt Park.At Roosevelt Park, it's impossible to miss the debris of the old Davis Middle School. Heavy machinery sits idle.{}So, is the project ongoing?Toraine Norris, assistant to mayor Kenneth Gulley, responded in an email that the project is on track. And that the demolition phase was expected to take 90 days.{} Norris maintains the first phase will be complete by July.{}Once the demolition phase is finished, construction on the recreation center will begin. That's slated for early fall. Before then, there will be a design presentation of the plans for the public to see and weigh in. The date for the public presentation hasn't been set.
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