Birmingham Board of Education Votes Superintendent Out

Tuesday night, members of the Birmingham City School Board were suppose to vote on firing some 200 employees. Instead, they fired their Superintendent, Doctor Craig Witherspoon.

According to the State Department of Education, Chief of Staff, Craig Pouncey, says the state has overturned the action of the board dismissing Witherspoon. Pouncey says Witherspoon has been reinstated and legal matters might come into play.

After more than an hour of people speaking their mind to the board, trying to save jobs the board president made a motion to terminate Dr. Witherspoon's contract.{} Only three board members voted not to get rid of him including Brian Giattina, April Williams and W.J. Maye.{} As soon as board members voted on an Interim Superintendent, Chief Operations Officer, Samuetta Drew, Witherspoon left the building. Police escorted him to a car and he would not give any comment to the media. Board member Virginia Volker says she was surprised by the motion. Tyrone Belcher says the board had the right to get rid of the Superintendent{} like Trussville City Schools recently did.{} "When he came here from North Carolina, they were firing him out of there. He never made AYP. We took him on in Birmingham after he had a good resume. We thought he'd be helpful for our system, but he is getting fired out of this school system."Craig Pouncey says "It's our belief, Dr. Witherspoon, as a result of our intervention authority still remains the Superintendent."

Belcher says Witherspoon has a 3 year contract and they'll be consulting with lawyers on where to go from here.{} The board voted to reconvene on Friday.




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