Businesses frantic at immigration ruling

{}{} Of course, Wednesday's 'immigration' ruling is bad for businesses with{}Latino workers or a Hispanic customer base.

{}{}{}Not many companies or stores would speak with ABC 33/40{}on camera today.

{}{}{}Some construction companies - say while the {}ruling still allows - illegal aliensto be picked up for workthe work pool is thinning out - because many hispanics are leaving the area.

{}{}{}{}In fact, the owner of La Bodeguita, a{}Latino oriented business{} in Tuscaloosa tells me he's lost nearly half of his business.{} He's preparing to close{}after the ruling.{}He says many of his customers are illegal.{} But, he said they're hard workers "If{}they're not able to get a car tag renewed, they'll eventually be pulled over. so to avoid being deported - they're leaving the state," he said.

{}{}{}{} One business even admitted that most of its employees are illegal aliens but have been working on obtaining citizenship for some time.

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