Caramel Iced Coffee

CaramelIced Coffee (makes one large glass):

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Place brewed (double strength) coffee in refrigerator, to chill inadvance.{} Freshly brewed, hand-crafted coffee (Chemex) may be used aswell.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Fill a tall glass with ice and fill 2/3 with iced coffee.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Add vanilla flavoring syrup* to sweeten slightly.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Fill remainder of glass with whole milk.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Pour contents of glass into shaker.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Drizzle inside of a tall glass with your favorite caramel sauce, fillwith ice cubes.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Shake iced coffee for about 5 seconds; Pour over ice into tall glass.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Add small dollop of whipped cream and serve with a straw.



* Can be purchased in stores selling a widerange of coffee-related products

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