Colonel Stone Johnson dies at 93

{} {} Civil rights icon Colonel Stone Johnson has died at age 93. {}Rev. Calvin Woods of the SCLC confirmed that Johnson died January 19th at Baptist Princeton Hospital. {}No cause of death was given.

{} {} He began his role with the civil rights movement in Birmingham during the mid-fifties. {}When a bomb ripped through the home of the Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth, Johnson assembled a grassroots security detail called the Civil Rights Guards. {}They protected homes and businesses that supported the civil rights movement.

{} {} He also removed explosives from Bethel Church during an attempt to destroy the building. {}Johnson would later testify at trial when J. B. Stoner was convicted of trying to destroy the church.

{} {} After retiring from L&N railroad, Johnson volunteered for years at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, where he shared stories form the civil rights struggle with visitors from all over the nation.

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