Dr. Peter Millet named Stillman College's 6th President

The man who's lead Stillman College since Dr. Ernest McNealy's sudden resignation last September has been named the private college's new president.Members of the Board of Trustees formerly introduced Dr. Peter Millet as Stillman's President this morning.{}{} Millet becomes the 6th president in the school's 138 year history.Millet first came on board in 2012 as the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.{} Before, Stillman he was Dean of the College of Education at Tennessee State University where he also served as Chair of the Department of Psychology."We're confident that Dr. Millet's vision, expertise and dedication will lead Stillman in the right direction to continue producing quality graduates who contribute successfully to society," Board Chair, Tracy Rosser said in a news release from the school.Millet's appointment comes on the heels of financial and accreditation challenges for the private college.{} In April, Millet in his roll as Interim-President decided to furlough employees four days for a two month period.{} The school says its enrollment is up to about 1,000 students and alumni giving has increased 30%.{} While Millet, did not offer media interviews after today's announcement...during his 10 minute speech he said, "Stillman should not be seen as just an institution in the community, rather we should be seen as an extension of the community."{} He's vowing to open up the private campus to the community and be more involved than his predecessors.

The school recently entered into agreement with the two-year college system as a move to boost enrollment.{} Also, Stillman is waiving tuition for military{} students above that which is paid for by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Dr. Millet says the school will also host a Day of Service this fall.

He officially takes over as President July first.

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