Father wants security changes made at Chelsea Middle School

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"It's very, very, very traumatizing," Tracy Dale Greene said.

Greene says the gunman situation at Chelsea Middle School, Tuesday, has taken a toll on his eleven-year-old daughter.

"She woke up very upset last night, but she's doing very well," Greene said.

She was back in school, Wednesday, one day after he says, according to his daughter, a man entered her school at Chelsea Middle and waved a handgun over her head.

"The bottom line is there needs to be action," Greene said.

He says something needs to be done.

Many people seem to want more protection and School Resource Officers in the schools, but Greene says a lack of funding always seems to get in the way.

"Let's vote for maybe a half percent or one percent increase [in taxes] that would absolutely, 100 percent, go to protecting our children and our schools," he said.

After all, Greene believes there is no price tag on students, or his daughter's safety.

"It's our children," he said. "And we have to protect them in any way that we know we can. They're precious to our future...we've got to protect them."

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