Fighting drunk driving with technology

According to the University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety, or CAPS, about a third of car crashes on Cinco de Mayo in the past five years involved alcohol.CAPS has created a mobile app to help users find a safe ride home.{}It's called "Driver Sober or Get Pulled Over" and it is a free mobile app for smart phones. It was developed through funding from the Office of Highway Safety.The app allows you to look up taxi services in any city in Alabama as well as phone a friend if you need a ride. If you are out on the road and see someone you believe is driving under the influence, the app also allows you to contact law enforcement and report it.{}CAPS Associate Director, Rhonda Stricklin, told ABC 33/40 the goal is to keep people under the influence out from behind the wheel.{}"It's a danger not only to you but to others because we have found from our studies too that there's much more likelihood of fatalities with impaired driving. Its like five times higher your chances of a fatality crash if you're impaired then just regular crashes," said StricklinStricklin said one of the biggest reasons for the increase in fatalities is people not wearing their seat belts. {} {} {}The app can be downloaded on all smart phones.
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