First TEDxTuscaloosa event features former anchor-turned-teacher

    When the first ever TEDxTuscaloosa event kicks off in April, a former TV reporter turned teacher will be one of the featured speakers. {}Mark Raines is a former ABC 33/40 anchor who left the TV business to teach journalism to Tuscaloosa City high school students. {}He is now a teacher with the San Dieguito Union High School District in California.

    When he returns to Tuscaloosa, he tells ABC 33/40 he will focus on "if teachers can be open and vulnerable with students in an appropriate way without crossing boundaries." {}It's a question Raines had to answer after being diagnosed with "an adult on-set speech impediment after an extended period of illness" in 2011.

    His{}website explains what happened as this former TV anchor and now teacher who talks to people everyday, started to lose the ability to speak fluently.

    "He continued to teach, while fighting for his health.. Raines saw many medical specialists and spent five months in speech therapy trying to regain speech fluency.. After a year of struggling to speak, Raines developed a new fear of public speaking. He now wants to share his story to help fight his fear and encourage others going through hard times."

    In 2013, Raines shared his story at TEDxYouth@SanDiego. {}You can watch it here.

    The TEDxTuscaloosa event is scheduled for April 11, 2015.

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