Update: Two people found dead in a house following Anniston standoff; man and woman identified


UPDATE: The bodies found inside the house have been identified as Doris Wilson, 50, and Darren Wilson, 52. Doris Wilson was stabbed multiple times. Both bodies have been transported to Huntsville for autopsies. The relationship between the two is still unknown.


A normally peaceful neighborhood turned into a crime scene Sunday after two people were found dead inside a house. For several hours, Anniston Police surrounded the house trying to make contact with a person inside. The event even prompted police to evacuate several residents living near the house.

"Heard lots of sirens headed this way." Steve Handford and other residents kept their eyes on Asbury Avenue for six hours. "First time I was glad to see law enforcement show up." Kenneth Odell said, "I'm waiting on them to get them out."

Anniston Police surrounded a house after getting a call that a woman might be dead as a result of a domestic violence situation. Officers made numerous attempts to contact the two people assumed to be inside. After several hours of no response, police cut off power in the neighborhood to shut off security cameras on the house. Anniston Police Chief, Shane Denham, says "After the power was cut, we knew our guys would be safer on the outside as far as being observed. We went ahead and started introducing gas into the house."

Denham said "While we were introducing the gas, we went ahead and broke enough windows out so we could introduce a robot." In order to search the house before officers moved inside and found both a man and a woman dead, both with stab wounds. Handford says, "It's uncommon to see something like this go on out here."

The police chief has not released the identities of the man and woman or confirmed their relationship. The chief has also not confirmed the circumstances that led to their deaths. However, he did say it appears the woman had been stabbed several times.

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