Gas prices climb as Labor Day weekend approaches

AAA expects the number of Labor Day travelers to go up nearly three percent from last year. Still, with gas prices climbing, many Alabamians are opting to stay home. Their fuel will be used on local roads and highways.

"Gas prices are pretty extreme," she said.

Birmingham resident Jessica Cockerell says her family is looking forward to the long weekend at home. Much different from previous Labor Day holidays. "We would go to Florida{} panama city. We would go to new York and Ohio where our family is. But with the gas prices and things like that we just stay here," she said.

AAA says today's{} average price for gas is $3.75 in the southeast region. The national average is $3.82. That's nine cents higher than this time last year. Cockerell says that, along with other expenses, forced her family to create their own labor day fun. "Probably go swimming, grill out, watch some football. The gas prices, the economy, the groceries are expensive. It all adds up," said Cockerell.

Norman Messina says his family plans to stay home as well.

"The gas prices are high and they keep going up every day,"

ABC 33/40 did catch up with a family that{} is hitting the road this weekend. However, it's not for pleasure and not by choice. Thanks to hurricane Isaac, they've been forced to pay up. "We're just trying to get back to new Orleans to try to assess the damage that may have occurred at the house. I guess the gas prices at this point really don't matter because we has to leave. So it really wasn't an issue even if the price was 4.99 a gallon," said Kevin Williams.

Of the 33 million travelers who will be on the roads this weekend, 85 percent will travel by car.

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