Gov. Bentley: taxes will be raised in the next four years

Governor Robert Bentley no longer uses words like perhaps, or maybe when talking about raising taxes. Bentley now says "In the next four years we will raise taxes."We've talked with a number of legislators and they don't seem that confident that raising taxes is the way to go. Those will be the first people Bentley has to convince. {} Governor Bentley said it's going to take hard work by all parties.{} The governor said he believes taxes need to be fair. He's adamant that the state's government will be run like a business. "No one is for (raising taxes), no one wants to raise any revenue, we just don't have any choice."Bentley believes transparency will help win over taxpayers.{}"I want to make sure taxes are fair for everyone across the state, as much as we possibly can have."Bentley spoke at the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA) luncheon. He told the crowd taxes will be raised in the next four years. A recent survey by{}PARCA showed that Alabamians wouldn't mind increased taxes, as long as the money goes toward education, health, public safety and highway improvements. The governor leaves nothing off the table.{} "We're going to look at various things to see what we can raise. We know we have to raise more revenue. We're going to continue to look for ways to save. We're going to look at how to save money for the next four years. But that's not going to be enough."However, Bentley knows it will take a lot to win over taxpayers. The PARCA survey also showed that the majority of Alabamians do not trust that lawmakers spend money wisely."People don't trust government, period. I don't trust the federal government myself.{}I can say this, we have cut more in this state since I've been governor the last four years. We've saved one point two billion dollars annually. We have cut government by twelve and a half percent and we're going to continue to do that."

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