Harvey Updyke arrested in Louisiana home improvement store on terrorizing charge

Harvey Updyke, 63

The infamous Harvey Updyke was picked up by police again, but this time in Louisiana.

Updyke, who is still awaiting trial for the poisoning of Auburn's famous Toomer's Corner oak trees, was arrested last week by the Hammond Police Department after making threatening comments to a Lowe's manager.{} He was charged with terrorizing and booked into the Hammond City Jail at 8:21 p.m. on September 18.

According to the police report, Updyke went to an area Lowe's store to return a lawnmower he purchased for $150, but was offered only a partial refund of $110 by a manager, making the 63-year-old alleged tree poisoner irate.

After police arrived and informed Updyke that he would need to hire an attorney to settle the civil matter, he proceeded to say "he would take care of this on his own" and he was going to prison anyways so he would "come back and take care of everyone".

The officer present then told Updyke that he was not allowed back on the property in which Updyke replied that he would return one time and it would be his last.{} After he repeated the threatening statement a second time, the police officer decided to take him into custody for fear of the safety of the Lowe's customers and employees.

Upon his arrival at the jail, the Hammond Police Department discovered that Updyke was wanted in Texas for the same offense, but the agency refused extradition.{}

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