Homewood city council reviewing aggressive dog ordinance proposal

    {}Owners who have dogs considered "aggressive breeds" may soon find their furry friends have new restrictions. Recent dog attacks in homewood prompted a police animal control officer to ask the city council for an ordinance. The officers who met with the Public Safety Committee this week didn't necessarily address a ban, but more like regulating types of fences, and even permits. dog owners told us they just want to make sure the ordinance doesn't discriminate against certain breeds like pit bulls.

    In the past 6 months, Homewood Police Animal Control Officer Robbie Hurst says she's had 7 cases of what she says is a viscious dog attack. One involved a senior citizen - bit by what's considered a "bully breed." The responding officer shot the dog.{}

    "Fortunately she didn't require hospitalization," Robbie Hurst, Homewood Police Animal Control Officer said. "She had a bad bite wound on her leg. Police were called. It has just escalated from that point. It's a public safety matter."{}

    Hurst says because the attacks have been happening more frequently, she's hoping the city council will consider enacting an ordinance aimed at public safety.{}

    Laura Russo at Bama Bully Rescue says more Alabama cities are passing similar ordinances. Her hope is they will not{}make the law breed specific -- discriminating against pets like her pit bull.{}

    "I'm just concerned by dog could be banned because other owners haven't been responsible with their own dogs," Laura Russo, Bama Bully Rescue said. "Owners who have not been responsible are giving a bad name to a breed that's not bad. As long as they have a responsible owner who as with any dog - irresponsibility will lead to unsafe conditions."

    Similar laws include fencing guidelines and housing requirements. {}

    "I think anyone should have the right to walk in their neighborhood with pets by themselves, with children or family members and not have to worry about being attacked by dogs no matter what the breed is," Officer Hurst said.

    City council members say the proposal will likely be in committee for a few weeks longer to give council members time to review the police reports and research.{}

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