Hundreds rally for religious freedom

Kelly Ingram Park served as the site for another battle cry for freedom.

This time, it is church members and the state attorney general battling President Obama's affordable care act.{} The law requires religious organizations to provide birth control.

Many are fighting the mandate, in the name of religious freedom.

Attorney General Luther Strange stood with the Eternal Word Television Network when it filed a lawsuit against the federal government regarding the health and human services mandate. "We're in support of EWTN and their effort, they have religious objections to providing contraceptives, and they've provided ways to get insurance without that, and the issue to me is not contraceptives, it's religious freedom, can you be forced to make a decision that you have a religious objection to," says Strange.EWTN president Michael Warsaw says this is not just about religion, but about rights as American's. "We'll continue to persevere with our legal challenge, supported by the attorney general and the State of Alabama and our intention is to see this through to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary," said Warsaw.

More than 160 "stand-up for religious-freedom" rallies took-place across the nation today, all of them beginning at noon.

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