Man charged with stalking after being shot by ex-girlfriend in Jefferson County

A woman shot her ex-boyfriend after finding him uninvited in her basement. It happened Wednesday night along Sealers Road in southwest Jefferson County.

Deputies say the woman went to her basement for a smoke when she saw her ex-boyfriend, 34 year-old Klark Alan Gray.The victim tried to call for help before the suspect took her phone and smashed it. She ran from Gray. He caught her and a tussle ensued. The victim then pulled a pistol from her pocket to shoot Gray before he fled into a wooded area.{} He left his phone and the woman used it to call for help. Deputies arrived and used tracking dogs to locate him nearby with a gunshot wound to a leg.Gray is charged with Aggravated Stalking, Domestic Violence, Burglary, and Interference with a Domestic Violence Call. His bond is set at $66,000. He remains in the hospital and will be transferred to the Jefferson County Jail upon his release.

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