Matters of Faith 5-20 The Garage

Faith can be found just about anywhere... even in a garage....

We found a man who says he puts his faith first.... even when it comes to fixing cars.

Richard Roberts is the owner of the garage. "We are not trying to capitalize on our faith... if you will but we aren't ashamed of it."

Engines and oil.... all sorts of fixes... but it's the spiritual fix... Richard Roberts thinks is most important.

Richard Roberts started The Garage about seven years ago.

He says. "I wanted a place I could take it whether it was my wife daughter or sister... I wanted ... ladies could take a car feel comfortable safe and be dealt with in an... honest and fair manner.

What is a bit unusual about this garage.. is there's scripture prominently displayed in the waiting area.

Richard Roberts. "We want people to know where we're coming from we've had the privilege of praying for people right out there in the lobby you were in.

We've had the privilege of taking prayer requests... helping a lot of single moms it is a ministry to us."

And his favorite scripture?

Richard. "We talk about justice scales... Micah 6 6-8.

What do I need to do to come before the Lord in a proper way."


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