Matters of Faith 50th Survivors

This weekend at Guiding Light Church in Irondale... Bishop Jim Lowe... is praying for healing from the pain for survivors of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.

I saw the people bleeding on the side I was not aware I was bleeding... I

was cut on my side cut on my arm... I was aware something was

happening... my two sisters were there... I began looking for them.

Bishop Jim Lowe was 11 years old when he was in the infamous blast.

Bishop Lowe says, "I remember walking outside that church seeing police.. then I heard

a voice my mother calling me....when I heard my mothers voice .it was my

mother calling me. and the concern and I realized how serious a situation it was.

It is still hard for him to talk about... but that's why he was led to bring survivors together this weekend at the Guiding Light Church Saturday evening to help in the healing.

He says, " You must talk these things out. you have to be in a safe environment

where you can discuss. There was no one to talk to we were in a bomb...and we could have

lost our life the next day we went to school. there was no one there to

tell us what had happened. You either get bitter or you get better

He says some of the survivors still have nightmares fifty years later. But everyone he knows who endured the blast have helped make a difference in the community. We have people who were involved in community service. We may have been victims... but today we see ourselves as victors. We are victors over racial injustice and violence. No matter your past what's been done to you in the past it's what God

is gonna do tomorrow.

The people who were children with me were hurting as a pastor my heart goes out. We lost 4 members of our crew but there are other members of our crew that are surviving what are we doing for them.

my heart went out some are hurting to this day....what can I do to

help them heal from the hurt.

Bring them together for a healing

Looking at what was meant for bad it has been turned to good

people have told me about nightmares physical injuries that

continue to plague them to this day."

Sunday morning he is hoping for a spiritual healing.

He says, "When a bomb went off were gonna have an explosion of

love where there was an explosion of racial hatred in 1963 50 yrs

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