Memorial run to take place for Amelia Center

A woman who lost her twin unborn children is making it a point to help other mothers who have shared that loss.

For seven years, the Baby Steps Memorial Run has taken place at Tannehill Ironworks State Park. This run is not only an opportunity to enjoy some time outdoors, but also help a local center.

Abby Nicholas lost twin boys at 22 weeks. It was during that time of grief, where she found support at The Amelia Center in Birmingham. The center provides grief counselors for families at Children's of Alabama. "It basically shattered our world, and that's when we found the Amelia center," said Nicholas. "I think it helped tremendously because, there's a lot of times where there's things that you're feeling that your family may not be feeling the same way. Or your friends haven't experienced it."

Matt Bunt is a counselor at The Amelia Center. He says the goal is not to come across as "clinical therapy." The center helps adults and children alike. "We serve about 1,110 people each year, which averages out to about 350 families," said Bunt. "All the resources that we have here, the art room, the grief cave, the play room, all of those are set up to make kids comfortable."

"Not everyone's loss is the same, but the heartache we have is the same as well," Nicholas says.{} She wanted to reach out to help others. Nicholas helped start the Baby Steps Memorial Run. The run is held each year to support those impacted by the loss of a child, and to raise money for The Amelia Center. Money raised from the run helps fund the free grief counseling at the center. Last year, 700 people showed up for the run.

"Just to support all those in the community who have had a loss, or even someone that you know, run in memory of them," says Nicholas.

{}The run raises betwen $15,000 and $20,000 each year. This year's run is August 22. To register click here. Or you can visit The Amelia Center's site.

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