New Year's Eve party preparations underway

As 2012{}draws to a close, the party leading into 2013 is just beginning. Monday night, several locations across the Birmingham metro are hosting New Year's Eve parties.

"I think it's going to be a bigger turnout than we had last year," said Rogue Tavern General Manager Jake Davidson.

A $20 wrist band{}gets partygoers into five venues, which include Rogue Tavern, Pale Eddies, The Wine Loft, Steel and Metro. The deal includes a special rate at the Sheraton and a shuttle ride from the hotel to the venues. So far, around 700 people are participating.

"Nobody is going to have to worry about driving or getting behind the wheel when they don't need to," said Davidson. "Especially with the weather conditions like they are tonight, we think it adds a very beneficial component to New Year's Eve."

In the Lakeview district, venues are expecting big crowds. The Rare Martini hopes to have hundreds of people ring in the new year inside.

The Rare Martini's Marina Von Bismarck explained what those attending can expect: "I'm actually super excited for our red carpet. It's something that you generally don't have in Birmingham. It's something fun for our partygoers. We also have a big midnight surprise, and I'm really excited about that."




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