Jacksonville man dead after officer involved shooting near JSU campus

Scene of officer involved shooting in Calhoun County (photo from Landon Brooks)

Update: Body-mounted cameras worn by Jacksonville police officers recorded a deadly officer-involved shooting Tuesday night.

Assistant police chief Bill Wineman said the department is working with the State Bureau of Investigation and provided the SBI with footage recorded on Taser Axon Flex cameras. The officers wear the head-mounted cameras to capture video of everything they see.

Wineman showed ABC 33/40 a portion of the video recorded by one of the officers.

The footage shows 26-year-old David Daniel McBrayer as he walked through the parking lot at Coliseum Apartments. McBrayer had a knife in his hand, and{}an officer walked with McBrayer and told him to put it down.

A second officer walks into the frame of the video, and McBrayer sticks the knife out in his direction. The second officer was about four feet away. Wineman said officers are trained to defend themselves if someone with a knife gets too close.

"Anytime somebody has a knife out and is presenting that knife, you should be 21 feet away. That rule is being challenged now, saying that is still too close," Wineman said.

Police said with a knife extended towards him, the officer shot McBrayer. Wineman said that officer also wore a camera, but did not show ABC 33/40 any of that footage.

Wineman{}made a presentation{}on November 12, 2013, to show the cameras to city officials and representatives of other local police departments. He told the audience the footage would be vital in helping police prove cases in court.

He convinced the city council to purchase the cameras, and officers got them this Spring. {}Exactly one year to the day after his presentation, Wineman said the $500 cameras did what exactly what they were supposed to do.

"The camera removes all doubt.{} It's an independent eyewitness to what occurred," he said.

"There's no bias, what it sees is what it sees.{} If we make a mistake it's going to catch it.{} If we do good, it's going to catch it."

Investigators first went to the apartments around 10:30 Tuesday night.{} Someone who lives there called to report a man walking through the parking lot shooting at cars with a B.B. gun.{} Officers arrived and found damaged cars, but the suspect was gone.

The caller contacted police again shortly after 11 p.m. and said the man was back.{} Wineman said officers returned and saw the man reach into his car and pull out a knife.

Jacksonville police arrested McBrayer on November 8 for disorderly conduct at the Dollar General store less than two blocks from the apartment.{} Investigators said he is from the Atlanta area who recently came to Jacksonville.{} The apartments are near the campus of Jacksonville State University, but ABC 33/40 confirmed McBrayer is not a student at the school.

The police department placed the officer on paid administrative leave.{} Wineman said the officer joined Jacksonville police about four years ago.{} He previously served in Iraq as a member of the Army special forces.{} Counseling will be provided if the officer requests it, and the department also contacted a local organization{}about critical incident stress debreifing.

Wineman said this is the first fatal officer-involved shooting in the city during his 30 years with the Jacksonville Police Department.{} He said it is a difficult time, and met with McBrayer's father Wednesday morning.

"It's a tragedy anytime a family member is killed like this, and our hearts and prayers go out to his family.{} This is not how we wanted it to end," he said.-----Update: Police tell ABC 33/40 the suspect/victim's name is 26-year-old David Daniel McBrayer . He recently came to Jacksonville from the Atlanta area and he is not a student. Police arrested him on November 8 for disorderly conduct at Dollar General. It has also been confirmed that the weapon used against the officer was a knife.-----The State Bureau of Investigations is looking into a deadly, officer-involved shooting out of Calhoun County. It happened late Tuesday night at the Coliseum Apartments, near the Jacksonville State University campus.Jacksonville Police's Assistant Chief Bill Wineman says the shooting happened in a second response to the area. At this time, it is unclear what the nature of that call was. Wineman says officers tried to get a man to come out of an apartment. He refused, according to police. Wineman tells ABC 33/40, when the officers started walking away, the man reportedly came out with a weapon. What type of weapon has not been made public. However, a resident of the complex told us it was a knife. That claim has not yet been confirmed by authorities.Wineman says officers told the man several times to put down his weapon. "The suspect refused to drop the weapon and came at the officers and unfortunately the officers had to defend themselves," he said. The man's name has not yet been released. ABC 33/40 will bring you updates as more information becomes available.

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