Pelham couple will serve President and First Lady Obama 'family recipe' pound cake in Selma

    A southern grandmother's recipe for pound cake made people smile for generations. She's gone, but her grandson continues mixing her ingredients of love. Hundreds, including President Barack Obama and other dignitaries, will take a bite out of Emily's Heirloom Pound Cakes this weekend in Selma. Two Pelham small business owners' cakes will be part of a historic event.

    April McClung has a tall order to fill.

    "Oh my goodness. We have the Selma event. The 50th anniversary of the bridge crossing," said April McClung.

    She's expecting nearly 500,000 people to attend the Selma to Montgomery March Jubilee.

    "So, we have lots of work to get done to make that happen," added McClung.

    President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama as well as former President George W. Bush will be there. All are expected to eat her family's pound cake.

    "Our goal is to make Emily's a household name. We are in a commercial kitchen where we rent space," added McClung.

    Baking at Hoover's Chef's Workshop, when April and her husband Lacy aren't working full-time jobs, is a blessing.

    "When we get off work, we come here to cook, package and prepare. So, it's quite an extensive workload," added McClung.

    Lacy McClung reminds us, as he loads a mixer, a pound cake has a pound of most every ingredient. His grandmother's has a little more.

    "We put two pounds of love in it. You've got to love this to do this," said Lacy McClung.

    He knows, just like his grandmother who was 91 when she died in 2001...

    "My mother and her were best friends," added Lacy McClung.

    you can't rush a good pound cake.

    "People normally say this tastes like grandma's pound cake. We've seen elderly women's eyes roll in the back of their heads. The moment they put it in their mouth, they just sit there and quietly enjoy what grandma's pound cake used to taste like," added Lacy McClung.

    Grandma made sure her family would never have to miss out on some good eating.

    "She made sure there would be no woman who could leave her sons hungry. If you were around, she made sure she was going to teach you how to cook," added Lacy McClung.

    ABC 33/40 will bring you live coverage of the commemoration in Selma. Our coverage, "Selma: Still Marching On" will be on on Saturday. It will begin at 11-30 a.m.

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