Pelham Separates from Shelby County Schools

{}A new district is on the books in Shelby County and there's good news and and bad news for some Pelham parents. The city school board voted Thursday night to separate from Shelby County Schools and that's causing concern. {}Pelham parents say the decision is positive for students, but some families along the city's border - whose children go to Shelby County Schools - are worried. "Now we've already made so many friends and have so many nice teacher that we like," Rachel Welch, a parent said.The Welch family lives in a neighborhood bordering Pelham and Chelsea. They've been attending Chelsea schools, but with the new district, they didn't want to be forced to attend Pelham 30 minutes away. {}"My consideration is home schooling them instead. I don't want them to ride the bus that far," Welch said.Those fears were put to rest after the board voted to allow children in areas bordering pelham - to continue at their current campus until they graduate. The problem for parents now.... property values. {}"This neighborhood is so deep in Chelsea that people who are looking for a house in here are going to want to go to Chelsea schools and if they hear it's Pelham schools, they probably won't want to purchase a house," Welch said.School leaders say the new district will allow them to improve schools within city limits and provide more attention to the school facilities and curriculum."It allows us to focus and hone in on individual schools," Dr. Scott Coefield, Pelham Superintendent said. "It allows the central office from a curriculum standpoint and an operations standpoint to support students, teachers, administrators.""It opens a whole new future for our students and teachers as well," Teri English, a Pelham parent said.The school board also voted to allow students attending the Linda Nolen Center and the career tech center to stay at their campuses. All employees of Pelham area schools will be transferred over with their tenure. The new school system takes effect July first.
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