Superstitious? It's 12-12-12 after all

Thousands of couples are expected{}procure a wedding license or even get married Wednesday.{} After all, 12-12-12 only comes once-in-a-century.

These duplicate dates have become popular over the last 12 years.{} We found{}a lot of{}people in line at{}the Jefferson County courthouse, waiting to get marriage licenses.{}

Weddings on days like this{}are also{}popular in{}Las Vegas.{} They've actually become a bright spot.

Overall, speedy weddings and destination ceremonies are more popular than ever. But Las Vegas' share of the weddings business has fallen by a third since 2004 as cities from New Orleans to New York have gotten into the elopement industry.

The boom in competition means real heartache for Sin City, where newlyweds bring about $800 million annually.

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