Instagram photo of Alabama QB AJ McCarron's new Mobile skyline tattoo draws more criticism

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron shown with a new tattoo of the downtown Mobile skyline on his left arm. (Instagram/@agenevievee)

Another tattoo photo has surfaced online, this time Instagram, of Alabama's star quarterback, AJ McCarron, with what appears to be the downtown Mobile skyline on his left arm.

McCarron, a two-time BCS National Championship signal-caller and Mobile native, has been widely-criticized for his body art, most notably for his large chest tattoo, since his arrival in Tuscaloosa. But those close to him have said in the past that the St. Paul's product doesn't concern himself with the opinion of the masses when it comes to his tattoos.

"AJ doesn't live his life or add to his tattoo for the approval of others." a relative of McCarron's said after it was revealed that he had added on to his chest ink in April, 2012.

Last Spring, McCarron added tattoos of white doves as a tribute to his grandparents, a rosary that represents his Catholic faith and a BCS Championship crystal ball representing the Crimson Tide's 2011 national title. And after news of the ink spread across the country, more critics turned out in droves to give their opinions.

"Before others want to make comments about AJ or anyone else, they should look to ensure they have their lives in order first." the relative added.

Photo of McCarron's original chest tattoo. (Outkick The Coverage)

For the Alabama football faithful, McCarron's growing tattoo collection isn't likely to bother many fans as long as he continues to accumulate championship rings for Nick Saban.

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