Regardless of party affiliation, Alabamians agree on what is important

Alabama is a "red" state, but. Alabama Republicans and Democrats see eye-to-eye about where they want their tax dollars to go.A survey conducted in January by PARCA, Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama found four areas top the list of importance. Education is number one, followed by health, public safety, and highways.The poll found that Alabamians would be willing to pay more taxes to avoid budget cuts in these areas. While that might sound like good news for state lawmakers who face a major budget deficit with which they must deal in the upcoming legislative session, here is a big problem. The people polled made it clear they do not believe government has a good handle on spending tax dollars already provided to state agencies.Friday, PARCA's annual meeting in Birmingham will focus on ways leaders in education, health, public safety, and highways can work to improve public trust.{}{} {} {}{}
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