Segregation allegations at UA sororities

A scathing report out of Tuscaloosa.{} The Crimson White student newspaper at the University of Alabama, has published a story which alleges that four "traditionally white" sororities did not allow two African-American students to pledge.

The article states that segregation still exists on campus.

Mazie Bryant, editor in chief of The Crimson White, recalls the decision to investigate sororities suspected of segregation.

"It was something that we kind of knew was going on," says Bryant "When we found out there was no change, that no black girls were accepted, we decided to look into it."Four sororities were listed in the article, including Alpha Gamma Delta, Tri Delta, Chi Omega, and Pi Beta Phi.

Some of the largest panhellenic sororities on campus."I{} think it's important as a member of a Greek organization to be able to point out the flaws in the system to make it better," says Bryant.Bryant, a Chi Omega sorority sister, says she had to distance herself from the report due to conflict of interest. "I do think that the story points to the fact that something needs to be done that race is no longer a part of the decisions made on this campus," Bryant explains.On campus, a student who only gave me her first name, Kristen, believes that race is still an issue. "Most of the sororities and fraternities here are run by the alumni, so I guess some of themmight feel like certain people shouldn't be in certain sororities or fraternities," she says.

Judge John England, a trustee for the University of Alabama whose step-granddaughter was among those said to have been denied from joining a sorority.

He says progress has been made, but there is still a long way to go. "I knew about the situation prior to the article coming out," says England. "Those among us who know what the right thing is will be able to keep those who will keep us."

This is a story that ABC 33/40 will continue to follow.

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