Rev. Jesse Jackson talks to Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

"To be here with my's amazing," Brenda Reynolds said.

Reynolds is happy to be at church, Sunday. On Wednesday, like many others in Pratt City, she lost everything she owned.

"Everything I had on Wednesday morning, I had it all," she said. "Wednesday evening it was all gone."

Everything including her church, Bethel Missionary Baptist.

The congregation met at Fair Park Arena, Sunday. Also there was Rev. Jesse Jackson who offered hope.

"We did not survive the tornado because we're so smart," Jackson said. "We survived because of grace and mercy."

Jackson says it's comforting knowing anyone and everyone is helping those in need.

"The beauty is to see blacks and whites working together," Jackson said. "I saw black and white churches coming together and I saw republicans and democrats working together."

Pastor Tommy Lewis says it's time to rebuild and time to move forward.

"We've come in here today to thank God not because of, but thank Him in spite of," he said.

Reynolds feels the same way. And she takes comfort, in her case, knowing it could have been much worse.

"If you see me crying, it's because I'm thankful," she said. "I'm overjoyed. It's not because I lost stuff, because I can get stuff back."

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