Runaway teens in Irondale prostitute in local motels

Investigators are calling this a growing problem. Young runaway teenage girls living in hotels, selling their body for money in Iron dale. Detective Michael Mangina says the girls are finding friendships with unknown adults. This is a huge wake up call for community members.

A local pastor in Iron dale is calling on local leaders in the community to step up.

Pastor Michael D. McClure Sr. with Revelation Church Ministries says, "I believe a task force should be formed, maybe with the mayor, the police department, the religious community, the social community, some financial backing and we put this task force together and put for a cognitive effort, really work together to try to resolve the issue."

Detective Michael Mangina with the Iron dale police department says, "There just inviting these kids in to help them do whatever criminal offense their involved in, but for the kid it just might be a place to live, might be somewhere that is relatively safe they think. But it turns out its not."

Even community members weighed in.

"It's scary just to think that, young girls, young teenage girls are out there by themselves," says Morgan McKinstry.

If you are a teen and need to talk, you're encouraged to call the National Runaway Switchboard at 1-800-786-2929.

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