Second lawsuit filed following deadly Gate City explosion

Another family is suing Alagasco and the Housing Authority of the Birmingham district following that deadly apartment explosion nearly two weeks ago.

Other people who live in Marks Village also want them held liable. They all believe their gas complaints weren't properly addressed.

Many of them thought they'd finally get answers from the housing authority at a Monday meeting. Instead, they were handed a letter with utility phone numbers

"All they gave us was a piece of paper listing numbers, saying to pray about it," said one resident.

Numerous residents told the same story. None of them would put their face on camera. They say the housing authority threatened to kick them out if they did.

"I feel they are just covering their butts. I feel they are covering themselves," said the same resident.

There's now a second lawsuit against Alagasco and the housing authority. It was filed on behalf of Vantanise Goins, Thomas Miller and their children. Their apartment was destroyed in the December 17th explosion. They believe the gas company and housing authority neglected the residents by failing to follow through on complaints properly and not maintaining the property.

Alagasco cannot comment on pending litigation, and the housing authority refused.

But people in Marks Village hope and pray they'll eventually get answers.

"I have a grand baby crying, thinking the house is going to blow up anytime," said a resident.

Tyrennise Mabry was killed in the explosion. Her family filed a lawsuit last week.

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