Sshhh! Sign asks University of Alabama students to not yell 'Roll Tide' inside campus library (photo)

Photo tweeted by Tyler Siskey showing a sign outside a University of Alabama library reading, "Do no yell Roll Tide inside the library." (Tyler Siskey/Twitter)


We have identified the owner of the picture showing a "Don't yell Roll Tide in the library" sign as Katie Smith or @katiersmith17 on Twitter. You can see her original tweet with the photo attached below. Thanks, Katie!

Also, the sign was one of 12 made by freshman Brandy Goble as part of a class project for an art class taught by Stephen Watson. You can read a brief overview of what was required below.

"DESCRIPTION: As an exercise in text-based conceptual art, create twelve meaningful signs (print on paper) and install them in strategic public locations on campus."

"OBJECTIVES: Practice public art. Experiment with text-based art. Make art without emphasizing craftsmanship or aesthetics. Make art that primarily stimulates the mind, not the eyes. Provide opportunities for the public to pause daily life and contemplate meaningful ideas."


Anyone who has tried to cram for a final or get ahead on their studies at a college library knows there is always those one or two people who just can't keep quiet. Apparently, at a University of Alabama campus library, some students made a habit of distracting others by yelling "Roll Tide," this according to a picture tweeted Wednesday morning by the Crimson Tide football team's associate director of player personnel, Tyler Siskey.

The sign simply reads, "Do not yell Roll Tide in the library."

Check out Siskey's tweet below. It is unknown who took the original photo and if it was you, please let us know so we can give you some props! Send us an email to


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