Study: Female grads earn $8,000 less than men

The wage gap between men and women may start as soon as new college grads collect their first paycheck.

A new study by the American Association of University Women says,{}among recent college graduates,{}full time working women earn 82% of what their male peers do.

Here's how it breaks do

One year after college, the average salary for men is $42,918.{} For women, it's $35,296.{} That's a{}difference of nearly $8,000.

The study,{}Graduating to a Pay Gap, found the problem may lie with job choices.{} For example, many women choose{}teaching or social sciences, which are lower paying industries.{} Men, on the other hand,{}select jobs in science and technical industries, which pay more.

The study also suggests that when it comes to negotiating salary, women just don't like to do so.{}{} You can read the full study here.

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