Talladega County sheriff confirms homicide investigation

Doyle Ingram (photo courtesy: Sheila Ingram)

Talladega County deputies are looking for leads in a homicide investigation.Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore said 66-year-old Doyle Ivey Ingram died Friday afternoon from what investigators called "some kind of trauma."{} The sheriff said his office is waiting on confirmation from the Department of Forensic Sciences to determine the exact cause of death.A man who lives on Nottingham Road called 911 Friday after spotting Ingram's truck."He had seen a vehicle off the side of the roadway, with the engine running, and apparently thought it was some type of vehicle accident," Kilgore said."There was no obvious damage to the truck or anything to appear it had been in a [wreck]."Deputies responded and found Ingram's body in his vehicle.{} Kilgore declined to say where the body was, in order to protect the integrity of the investigation.The truck is in a secure impound and investigators are searching it for forensic evidence including fingerprints.Ingram's relatives told ABC 33/40 he left home Friday to run errands for a couple of hours.{} His wife of nearly 27 years, Sheila, got worried when he wasn't back Friday afternoon, and Ingram was not answering his phone or emails.{} The family said it does not know why someone would hurt him."Everyone I've talked to in the community, people that know the Ingrams, have nothing but those good kinds of things to say about him, very well respected, very well liked," Kilgore said."There's nothing at this time that tells us there was any other crime involved," the sheriff said, as there was no evidence of robbery."We need some answers to some questions and we need some help if there's anyone there that has some information, we sure need them to come forward and share them with us."If you have any information about the death of Doyle Ingram, contact Talladega County Sheriff's Office investigators at 256.761.2141.
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