TechBits: home control part 2 (05.28.14)

    Home control systems were big this year at CES. {}The Tech Guy got to try out two of them, Nexia and Insteon. {}He's got tosme tips on how to know which is best for you.Nexia uses the Z-Wave platform, which makes it compatible with components made by other manufacturers. {}Z-Wave also uses a mesh network, so devices can relay signals to other devices. {}This allows you to place devices farther from the hub than its range normally allows. {}Nexia charges a monthly fee.Insteon uses a proprietary wireless platform- but it also is a mesh-style network. {}Setup and usage were not quite as user-friendly as Nexia, but Insteon makes up for that by being free to use.You may not have to choose between the systems. {}A device called Revolv bridges the systems, and allows you to contorl any hub and devices from one central app. {}That way, you can get the best from all the systems. {}The Revolv app is currently only for iPhone.


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