TechBits: Home Improvements (3.21.12)

Some tech companies are thinking toward home improvements:

{} {} Simplicikey is an electronic door lock system. {}It uses a key fob remote, similar to the ones many people use for their cars. {}It also has a keypad you can use to unlock your door without a key. {}Of course, it has the backup of a real key. {}They system can let you unlock your door without fumbling in your purse or pocket to find a key. {}It's also good for Parkinson's patients, or other people who have trouble getting a key into a lock because of unsteady hands.

{} {} Some manufacturers are now making wall sockets that have USB power built in. {}This eliminates the need for a large 'wall wart' that powers devices that need USB power. {}It can reduce costs ad materials for manufacturers. {}The USB wall sockets may soon start showing up in places like hotel rooms. {}

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