TechBits: iPhone 5 announcement

{} {} Apple has now officially unveiled the new iPhone. {}It has one big feature that iPhone fans have been asking for: {}4G data capability. {}It's something Android users already have.

{} {} The phone also has a bigger screen, and a 16x9 aspect ratio. {}Older apps that are not in 16x9 will be letterboxed. {}Apple has already tweaked first-party apps to work with the new screen. {}The screen size will also allow an extra row of icons on the home screen.

{} {} 5 also has a beefed-up processor, which can handle most tasks at twice the speed of the previous processor. {}The camera has also been improved.

{} {} The new phone has a connector that is 80% smaller than previous iPhone connectors. {}That means old phones can't use a 5 connector, and vice-versa, unless an adaptor is used.

{} {} The new iPhone 5 is set for release eon September 21st.

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