UAB faculty senator believes Thursday's no confidence vote will pass, despite Watts' recent efforts

UAB faculty senators are preparing for their vote of no confidence against President Dr. Ray Watts on Thursday. Over the last few weeks, Watts has been trying to mend relationships with faculty members. Some members say it's too late. "I've gotten hundreds of emails from not only people here at the school of business but alums, faculty members in other schools, current students, etc. Not one in favor of this decision or in support of Doctor Watts," said Faculty Senator Dr. Susan Key. Key says her all constituents agree that vote of no confidence is the way to go. "It's pretty much running at 100 percent," said Key. The faculty senate's draft says there is no confidence because watts failed to exercise "shared governance." "He's making decisions without consulting us," Key explained why she has no confidence in the leadership. Since the resolution was drafted, Watts met with faculty members of each school. He announced that the financial report used in his decision will be reviewed. Will that play a role in the vote? "No, reviewing the Carr Report that seemed to be already skewed- that doesn't give me much hope in terms of the outcome," answered Key. If the resolution is passed, it is purely symbolic. The faculty senate cannot hire or fire the president. It will be up to the Board of Trustees. "I believe there will be a vote of no confidence whether the board pays attention to that or takes that seriously, I don't know. But this has created quite a pall over the university," said Key. Key says her biggest concern: "is that for our accreditation, we have to use corporate governance. We have to be seen as a standalone university, not a university being run by the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa. And there's all sorts of concerns that both of these things may be in violation."
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