UAB football: Decision coming soon

State Representative Jack Williams says he has three sources indicating UAB's president will announce Friday evening that football won't be reinstated. However, UAB administration is telling a different story. UAB sent out a statement from President Ray Watts late Thursday morning. Watts stated no decision has been made. He's still meeting with the community about the feasibility study from College Sports Solutions. As football supporters wait for the decision, they're keeping their fight alive. "This is what I came here for," Zach Sims told ABC 33/40. "I came here to play football at UAB and all the time and effort I put in, all my teammates, coaches, I'd love to see it come back." As Sims walks across the field where he spent the last two years practicing with his UAB football family, he waits for a decision on the program's future. "It's definitely not fun," said Sims. "I know I'm ready I know everyone who has something to do with this program is ready for a decision to be made." Sims is hopeful he'll be able to suit up in green again soon. "If Coach Clark would have me, I would be out there on the field day one," said Sims. "We're just asking Dr. Watts, make the right decision. If not, we're going to take the heat up a little bit higher this time," Tim Alexander said. Alexander is the leader of the student Free UAB Movement. "I've let everyone know just go ahead and take off because if he says no, it's on. We're going to give him a rally every day," added Alexander. While students build support, the Football Foundation is raising money. The new study from College Sports Solutions finds the university would spend about an additional $2.5 million each year if football, rifle and bowling are reinstated. "We've already met that and we're moving on to the facilities portion of our plan to reinstate football," said Justin Craft, a member of the Football Foundation. Craft says the facilities plan could include a new stadium. The foundation wants the money to be there, should the university consider a new home for the blazers. "A stadium would be wonderful and it certainly would make a difference in the downtown renaissance that's taking place, but those are decisions I'm not able to make," said Craft. "We want to give them every indication support is there for great facilities at UAB." Foundation President Jimmy Filler praised Craft's role in the fundraising effort. He hopes it makes a difference in the final decision. "We hope Dr. Watts will see this community wide effort from all corners to bring back football and the foundation wants to play a greater part after Dr. Watts announces his decision," said Filler. Watts still plans to announce his decision by June first.
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