UAB President Ray Watts addresses Faculty Senate

UAB President Ray Watts addressed the Faculty Senate Tuesday morning. He talked about everything from the search for a new athletic director to the recent visit from Saks accreditation..President Watts remained optimistic, saying there's no limit to what UAB can accomplish and faculty members had no tough questions for him today.He talked about continued efforts to foster communication and making sure all constituents have an active voice. He focused on numerous accomplishments, such as research funding is up 20 percent. Record numbers will be graduating this Spring and several construction projects are in the works like a new student center.While athletic programs were not addressed, Watts did say they're trying to get the final candidates for a new athletic director by the end of this month. He also addressed the accrediting body, Saks saying the recent visit went better than any visit they had before.Faculty Senate Chairman Chad Epps says the Faculty Senate's Executive Committee sent Dr. Watts two letters, one pertaining to Saks regarding complaints from a third party.It's petitioning to view the comments sent as part of Saks reaffirmation process. It also sent a letter related to the Athletics Assessment Task Force. The committee does not feel the task force has the independence it was set up to have.The task force is expected to have its review of the athletic program back in time for the Conference USA meeting which is in June.
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