Cooper Green supporters interrupt hospital announcement

Jefferson County is now closer to closing in-patient care at Cooper Green Mercy Hospital. UAB has agreed to take over some of the hospital's existing services. But the announcement was interrupted by hospital supporters.

It's the first deal and first step toward ending in-patient care at Cooper Green. This one with UAB for some in-patient services is one of several needed to cover current services."We are going to make sure everything is in place to ensure a smooth transition with our patients. The way its going to work is patients who have traditionally used Cooper Green Hospital- our patients will continue to come to Cooper Green Hospital," said Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos.

If the patients need in-patient care, they will be transferred to a hospital, like UAB.

But the county manager's words were cut short with questions from hospital supporters who yelled over him.

"You can put me out, go get the police. Go get them because I'm not going to stop talking," said Marilyn Mosley, a patient.

The supporters weren't escorted out. Rather the hospital director was after one time supporters turned on her and demanding she stand up for herself.

County leaders have not said which services will soon be provided by UAB. But they are still working on deals with other hospitals.

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