University of South Alabama Students Plan Protest of Shooting on Campus

Students are planning a demonstration to protest a deadly police shooting at the University of South Alabama. It is set for 11 this morning. Organizers say the campus police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Gil Collar of Wetumpka early Saturday shouldn't have used deadly force.{}{} {}Authorities say Collar had taken LSD and was threatening the officer at the time he was shot. Critics including organizer Jonathan Ark say the officer should have done something else to stop the 5-foot-7 freshman.{}{} {}Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran says the officer who shot Collar was armed only with a gun - and not a stun gun, pepper spray or baton - when he confronted Collar outside the university police station. That's where the demonstration is being planned.{}{} {}A prosecutor says grand jurors will review the shooting and alleged drug involvement for possible charges, although it's unclear when.

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