UPDATE: Child found inside vehicle in Homewood is dead

Police have confirmed the death of a little girl left inside a car in downtown Homewood Wednesday.

Homewood police were called to SoHo Square Shopping Center near 19th Street and Oxmoor Road around 1:30 p.m. to investigate a report of an unresponsive child. The 11-month-old girl was found in a white Lexus SUV before being rushed to Children's of Alabama, where she was later pronounced deceased.

An investigation remains ongoing and police have questioned the victim's mother and witnesses.

A nearby business owner told ABC 33/40's Sarah Snyder that the victim's family owns Genesis Nail Spa in SoHo Square. Prior to her death, the mother had routinely dropped the infant girl off at a local day care while her parents worked at the spa, but for unknown reasons, she decided to visit her husband Wednesday and left her daughter in the car. According to the source, the girl was inside the vehicle for around three hours from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.{}

The child was given CPR until paramedics arrived.{} The child's temperature was around 105 degrees.


"The daughter was radiating heat much hotter than we would be- about 105-110 degrees. Not in a good state," Chris Conn, a business owner who knows the family said.Chris Conn works at Omega Wellness - he said he rushed over to help as soon as he heard."I was training a client next door and noticed my neighbors in hysterics," Conn said. "I ran next door, found their daughter lying on the floor unresponsive. When I asked Kim what happened, their daughter had been left in the car since 10am.""She had come inside to deliver food for her husband, Conn said. "And usually they take the child to daycare at which point she had forgotten the child and left her across the street at The hill."Police say - in the hottest part of the day - with {}temperatures reaching 90, the toddler couldn't survive.{}"It's awful," Sgt. Andrew Didcoct, Homewood Police said. "We mostly deal with adults. We arrest a lot of people, write a lot of tickets, and when we respond to a small child it definitely hurts.""Unfortunately there's no justification for it," Conn said. "I think the mother should be charged, unfortunately."Children's of Alabama's Safe Kids Program says children should never be left in the car - not even for a second. They recommend putting something like your purse in the backseat as a reminder."Children's bodies heat up 3-5 times more quickly than an adult," Marie Crew, Children's of Alabama said. "So we know that as hot as it is, they'll get hot quicker."So far, no charges have been filed.


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