UPDATE: Man carrying a gun arrested at Moody Youth Baseball game

Charles Moshier

We hear about incidents all the time at sporting events where parents are seen yelling obscenities, running onto a field and getting in fights with other parents. The latest example proved potentially more dangerous. It happened Saturday at Moody's ballpark.

Police say Charles Moshier attempted to pull out a gun during an argument with his son's little league baseball coach. Witnesses say Moshier was upset his son wasn't getting enough playing time. Moody police chief Thomas Hunt says Moshier had a loaded 45-calibur handgun. But based on the quick actions of a spectator and a city employee the situation didn't worsen, Hunt adds. A{}police report shows a{}spectator grabbed the gun and a city employee held down Moshier until police arrived.

Moshier was arrested Saturday, and he faces charges of menacing, disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was released from the St. Clair County jail Sunday after posting $1,500 bond.

"That was very good on the citizens' part, a very brave action. Had [the spectator] not done that we don't know what would have happened," Hunt says.

Matt Davis, president of the Moody Youth Association, says Moshier had acted out and yelled obscenities before at coaches. Davis says coaches and witnesses have been keeping an eye on him for some time.

Hunt is says there will be a greater police presence at all games for the remainder of the season.


The Moody Youth Association President Mike Davis responded Monday on Facebook to a situation that occurred{}Saturday when a man attempted to pull a gun at an opening pee-wee baseball game.

Parents,Per Bobby's email earlier today we had an issue this weekend, and it was handled very well by all involved. To follow up with a resolution. I met with the City today and we have the following to make sure that everyone feels safe and secure.Councilman Philip Deason and Ricky Parker met with Chief Hunt to discuss. Each night when the Police start there next shift an officer will come to the park and make a walk through and have a presence in the Park. This will only be when we have games.Thank you,Matt Davis

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