Volunteers and Bessemer Police spruced up Sadler Cemetery

Chainsaws cut through the silence of Sadler cemetery over the weekend. Slicing through years of history, volunteers like 64 yr old Ronnie Wildman began cleaning it all up.

Ronnie Wildman says, "People just forgot all about this cemetery." Wildman has family buried in the cemetery. He says the grass got so high, it was above his grandfather's tombstone, which he didn't feel was right. "I saw how much it had grown, it was heartbreaking, and it really was. This is my heritage, this is my roots."

Throughout the years, the grave site has become a major eyesore, as volunteers load limbs and branches onto flat bed trucks, destined for the burn pile. Sgt. Hank Edwards with the Bessemer Police Department says, "It was just overgrown with bushes, weeds, you couldn't even read some of the stones because they were so much grass and weeds in front of it." So Edwards decided to post the problem and a date to clean the cemetery on Facebook, little did he know the community backed the Bessemer police department 100%

"I just expected such a low turnout from past experience's and we pulled up there was already somebody here unloading the truck, a few more cars started coming and{} before long we had 16 to 20 people out here," says Edwards.

But as the more than 200 yr old cemetery was unkept and broken for so many years, what's not broken is the spirit of the volunteers like Wildman, who vows to restore the cemetery's beauty once again. "I know if my granddad was still here, he would be so proud, he really would," says Wildman. {}

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