Will Kelly Horwitz appeal election ruling?

{}{}{} Now that the Election challenge between Kelly Horwitz and Cason Kirby in Tuscaloosa has been tossed out....many wonder will it reappear.

{}{}{}Horwitz could appeal.{}{}But, her{}camp kept quiet Thursday after Judge James Roberts dismissed the case Wednesday.

{}{}{}Horwitz was challenging more than 200 student votes from the District four school board race in August.{} However, in his ruling Judge Roberts found only 70 votes to be 'potentially illegal'.{} That's short of the 87 Horwitz needed to change the outcome of the election.

{}{} Thursday, Horwitz referred all questions to her attorney James Anderson who could not be reached.{} During the last three hearing, Anderson would on occasion in court put things on record he said in the event an appeal would be necessary.

{}{}{} Judge Roberts state in his ruling there was "insufficient evidence to overturn and nullify the election."

{}{}{} In a released statement, Cason Kirby says, "I am happy that I can now focus on the needs of our children and our schools."

{}{} His attorney, Andy Campbell says he believes an appeal in this case is unlikely.



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