Will your Thanksgiving turkey make you sleepy?

After a fulfilling Thanksgiving dinner, many of us will start to feel sleepy. A post-feast siesta can seem like some of the best sleep we have all year. In the past, it has been said the tryptophan in turkey is what sends us to the couch for a nap. But now, experts say that might not be the case. Carbohydrates in the rest of the meal, could be to blame.Registered dietitian, Tara Harwood, at Cleveland Clinic says, "A high concentration of carbohydrates with a long chain of chemical reactions can also cause the same effect, causing the tryptophan to actually enter the brain, then being metabolized into serotonin, making you feel tired."Harwood says to fight off that sleepy feeling try taking a little "turkey day" walk to burn some of those calories.{}{}

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