Your Health: 2-19-13 Exercise myths

Wait before you start to get your exercise on. {}Experts on exercise say that certain stretching or walking may not be doing your body all that good.

The American Council on Exercise may surprise you while it dispels common exercise myths, most people may take as facts.

For example, the American Council on Exercise says stretching before exercise doesn't actually reduce the risk of injury. However, stretching can help prevent injuries at other times, such as after a workout.

The council examined research conducted over the past decade.

It also cautions, "static stretching," where you extend a muscle group to its maximum and hold it for up to 30 seconds, doesn't boost exercise performance.

ACE recommends including some "dynamic" stretches in a warm-up routine, like a sprinter doing long, exaggerated strides to prepare for a race.

The council says, running is actually better than walking for those who want to burn more calories.

Although walking is a great physical activity, running requires 40 percent more energy.#

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