Your Health 5-9-13 Mommy and Me Time Fitness

Many new mothers are concerned about losing weight and getting back in shape; however, at the same time, they want to spend time with their children.

There is a new work-out program in the Birmingham metro area that meets the fitness need of mothers and children.

They bring their mats and pads, weights and bottles, strollers and their bundles of joy. These mothers are getting ready for a 45-minute workout and their children are welcome.Julie Turner, an instructor with Mommy and Me Time Fitness, says, "I work so{} I feel when I'm not working. I want to be with him so it was nice to have a place to bring him with me."

Mommy and Me Time Fitness was a dream of Stacey Jernigan's, a mother of a 6-month-old at the time.

Jernigan says, "I knew that I really needed to exercise and be healthier for instead I'd have more energy to take care of my child and interact with him more and I wanted to raise him to know how important fitness is." And she's not alone.

Little Avery was 4-months-old when her mom, Caroline Spears, started the classes. Spears says, "I did everything with here strapped on or in a stroller in the beginning. That was not easy that extra 15 pounds strapped on you doing squats{} was not . It definitely intensified my workout."

Jernigan begins the class and says, "Alright go ahead and get started run in place roll shoulders back."Mothers interested in the class should prepare to get strapped in because this is no beginners class.

Moms here like being able to exercise with their children and watching them should they choose to play.The moms push it up, take it down, squat and even crawl.

Jernigan says, "We offer a really non competitive, supportive environment for the moms because often times after you have a baby you're discouraged about your body and the changes that have happen to your body after having a baby."Mothers and their children are encouraged to go at their own pace.Spears says, "If your child's upset you just go to your child tend to them and you jump in and work out when you can."Jernigan instructs, "I want everybody facing that way, keep it low and you're shuffling if you got that stroller push it out in front of you."This fitness class does more than take the weight off. The benefits of exercise reach beyond your physical health, helping with postpartum depression.{}Jernigan says, "I've had moms who said I didn't know I was depressed I didn't know is was experiencing that until I came and started exercising along with the other moms and starting talking about how I felt and I started to feel better about myself and I realizelooking back that I was suffering from depression."{}The moms would speed it up a little and run with their strollers. The little girls and boys would quickly follow suit.

Participants do push ups, lunges, frog jumps and sprints while the children hang right with them.Jernigan encourages the moms and me saying, "You're almost there! Come on Ms. Mays. Three, two, one.{} Let's go. Sprint."42-year-old Kristen Praytor has been working out with her 2-year-old since January. Praytor says, "I was the biggest one and probably the oldest and it keeps me coming and coming and coming."For moms wanting to exercise with their children present, but have reservations for fear of them acting up or misbehaving, Jernigan says, "No worries!"{}Jernigan says, "That's the beauty of us all being moms is that, we understand there's gonna be a temper tantrum from time to time, there are gonna be potty breaks there's gonna be{} snack breaks there's gonna be breastfeeding breaks we understand that and we're supportive of that."

The Mommy and Me time Fitness classes also address childhood obesity.

Many of these moms and the children are getting ready for Women's Health 5K Run and One-mile Mother-Daughter Walk on May 18th beginning at 8 a.m. at the Greenway Walking Trail in Homewood.{} {}

To register, visit

For Mommy and Me Time Fitness, new moms are required to have had their postpartum check-up and get cleared by their doctor to work out.

Find out more about the fitness program by visiting

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